Numbers keep growing (groan): Stay home, stay safe

Coronavirus map

The numbers keep growing as COVID-19 spreads, sparing few communities here, across the state and the nation.

Pennsylvania‘s Department of Health today released new numbers, confirming 1,211 additional positive cases of COVID-19 were reported as of 12 a.m. That brings the statewide total to 7,016 in 62 counties.

Two more cases popped up in Franklin County overnight, bringing our total to 23. Cumberland County jumped from 48 to 41 confirmed cases and is the only county bordering us to report a Coronavirus-related death. Adams County to the east also reported an increase in confirmed cases, going from 12 yesterday to 21 today.

Fulton County west of us is one of only seven Pennsylvania counties to escape the pandemic so far. There still has not been a confirmed COVID-19 case there.

Franklin County Resident Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The biggest increases in the rising numbers are still in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and their suburbs.

DOH also reported 16 new deaths among positive cases, bringing the statewide total to 90.

The message: Stay at home

Coronavirus map
Areas in orange are the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

County-specific information is available here

Again, as they have been for weeks, Gov. Tom Wolf and DOH Secretary Dr. Rachel Lavine are asking people to stay at home And practice social distancing. It’s the only way to slow the spread of the highly contagious virus. It’s also the best way to keep from becoming infected.

“The continued rise in cases combined with our increasing deaths from COVID-19 reflects the seriousness of this situation,” Lavine said.

She stressed the same message she does every day in her pandemic updates.

“Stay calm, stay home, stay safe.”

There are 47,698 patients who have tested negative to date. The percentage of positives among everyone tested has risen during the last week from about 10% to 15%.