Chambersburg borough: Occupancy rules change Tuesday

Chambersburg's new Aquatic Center

Occupancy rules for both indoors and outdoors gatherings in Chambersburg change Tuesday, according to Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill.

That’s the day occupancy limitations are lifted at the borough’s indoor or outdoor facilities. Borough indoor facilities and outdoor facilities need only to observe fire codes after that date.

The exception is the Chambersburg Aquatic Center.

The bather load at the aquatic center will be restricted to 50% when it opens Sunday. That limit could change later. A bather load counter app is installed at the Aquatic Center. Anyone can check the number of visitors at the center by clicking on a link at it’s website.

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Indoor best management practices

The Borough still strongly suggests three main mitigation practices indoors at Borough facilities: cleaning/good hygiene, social distancing, and temperature checks. Body temperature self-check stations are available for visitors use at City Hall.

The Borough also suggests that visitors and employees wash their hands regularly; avoid nose and eye contact with their hands, and sneeze into their elbows.

“These are good practices to keep folks healthy regardless,” said Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill.

He said the Borough also “strongly suggests” that persons stand six feet apart or less than six feet for periods under 15 minutes whenever possible, unless they live in the same household.

“These are also just good practices,” he said.

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Universal face covering rule outdoors

Effective Tuesday, borough employees and fully vaccinated individuals do not need a face covering when at borough parks and outdoor facilities or in the public right of way. Others should continue to wear face coverings.

This includes parks, pavilions, playgrounds, Borough-streets, and at Borough outdoor special events.

“Seriously consider getting your vaccine today to enjoy this benefit,” Stonehill said.

Food vendors in the public streets may have separate rules established by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Chambersburg Aquatic Center

occupancy rules
Chambersburg Aquatic Center opens Sunday

Visitors to the Chambersburg Aquatic Center, which is both an indoor and outdoor facility, who are two years old or older should wear face coverings except under the following circumstances:

  • While swimming or on the pool deck;
  • If wearing a face covering would cause or exacerbate a medical condition, including breathing or mental health conditions, or disabilities;
  • If engaged in athletic activities;
  • When eating or drinking;
  • If fully vaccinated and no other person is nearby who is not a member of their same household.

Employees and visitors at the Aquatic Center restrooms, concession stand and offices should continue to wear a face covering inside for now.

Universal face covering indoors

Everyone must continue to wear a face covering when indoors in Borough-owned facilities (offices, lobby, conference rooms, Council Chambers, gymnasiums, hallways, restrooms, etc.), irrespective of physical distance or vaccination status.

However, if a Borough employee is working alone, and has no expectation of being around any other person, they no longer need to wear a face covering indoors.

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, towns can make their own interpretation of rules, Stonehill said.

The Borough still requires face coverings, vaccinated or not, inside borough facilities, he said.

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