Community Uniting: One thousand SHaRe meals delivered


One thousand SHaRe meals have been delivered to Chambersburg’s health care workers since the program began in December. Not only has the program grown in the number of meals donated by local residents, but in the number of restaurants participating.

Local residents “buy” a featured meal from local restaurants, which then are donated to Chambersburg Hospital for a quick meal for stressed, hungry caregivers.

“The community has been most generous,” said Sandy Grotberg, of Community Uniting, the organization that organization that started the project back in December.

One thousand SHaRe meals
Sandy Gothberg, left, pf Community Uniting! and Amer Chaudhry (Falafel Shack), center, delivered SHaRe meals to Ken Shapiro, right, (Chambersburg Hospital chef) as part of the SHaRe program. (Photo by Jane Stockhause) .
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Local restaurants have been enthusiastic also, Grotberg said, eager to feed hungry heath care workers, and usually keeping the cost of those meals below their normal retail menu prices.

Meanwhile, local healthcare workers continue to be dedicated to the community’s well being, and “appreciative of these donations,” Grotberg said.

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About the donors

Donors have been numerous individuals only known to participating restaurants.  Some order one meal at a time; some order multiple meals, and others contribute to a “SHaRe Jar” at the registers. 

“Our youngest donor was seven years old and donated her Farm Show Butter Sculpture prize money to “help the helpers,” Grotberg said.

7-year-old Emily Bentzen donated her winnings from this Pennsylvania Farm Show butter sculpture to the SHaRe program. (Photo courtesy PA Farm Show)

But it isn’t just individuals that have enthusiastically embraced the program. A number if local businesses and organizations have also stepped up to the plate and provided donations.

Donating meals (that CU is aware of):

  • ·Evening Lions Club
  •  LARK
  • Starr Insurance
  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

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Meal deliveries

One thousand SHaRe meals
Phyllis & Andi from Trickling Springs deliver lunch to Dawn and Kayla the hospital’s Food Service. (Submitted photo)

Between 150–200 meals are delivered each week. Some restaurants deliver more often than their “featured” week, however. Falafel Shack has delivered every week since Dec. 23.

Day shift at the hospital in all departments have had deliveries. Meals have also gone to caregivers at the following facilities:

  • 3 Urgent Care Centers
  • 2 Ambulance services
  • 3 Shelters
  • 2 Nursing Homes (with 2 more to go)

CU is focusing on afternoon deliveries for 2nd and 3rd  Shift workers at the hospital now, using the list of departments and numbers of employees provided by the hospital.

Sakura, Pat & Carla’s and Falafel Shack delivered to Menno Haven Brookview and Shook Home staff and CJ’s BBQ delivered to the Chambersburg Hospital the past week.

Menno Haven Chambers Pointe and Providence Place will receive SHaRe meals next week. So will Chambersburg Hospital’s 2nd and 3rd Shifts.

Kenzo and Trickling Springsdeliver meals next Wednesday.

You may order from any restaurant at any time.  Some restaurants deliver more often than their “featured” date when they have enough orders (about 50).

SHaReDelivery Schedule:

DateRestaurantCostMealCall to Place Order
Feb 17Kenzo$8Chicken Pad Thai, Rice, Soup(717) 263-0076
Feb 17The Market atTrickling Springs$8Cranberry Turkey Wrap, Chips,Cookie & Lemonade(717) 748-4040 Ext. 4
Feb 24Veroni Cafe$8Burrito, Rice, Beans and Chips & Salsa(717) 494-5354
Feb 24China One$7Chicken, Vegetable, Rice & Egg Roll(717) 709-0381
Mar 3Falafel Shack$6Falafel Wrap(717) 404-8282*
Mar 3Montezuma’s (Wayne Ave.)$8Burrito with Rice & Beans(717) 709-1003
Mar 3China Wok$7Chicken, Veg., Egg Roll, & Rice(717) 263-7200
Mar 4CJs BBQ$8BBQ on a Roll(717) 261-4760
Mar 10Pat & Carla’s$8Italian Wrap(717) 263-6353
Mar 10Sakura$8Hibachi Chicken, Rice & Vegetable(717) 251-2866
* Falafel Shack offers website orders via:FS SHaRe!
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