Opinion: A Case for Arming Teachers


Submitted by Ethan Taylor

In the wake of todays tragic shooting in Nashville, where at least six people were killed, the debate over whether teachers should be permitted to carry concealed weapons needs to be revisited.

Opponents of such a measure argue that arming teachers would create more danger, but the truth is that armed civilians have stopped active shooters in the past. According to a report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, between 1950 and May 2018, only 4% of public mass shootings in the US were stopped by armed citizens. However, when they were present, the death and injury rate was significantly lower than in shootings where unarmed citizens attempted to intervene.

Furthermore, the report found that out of the 283 mass shootings that occurred during that time frame, 98 were stopped by police, 24 by armed civilians, and 14 by unarmed civilians.

While the thought of arming teachers may seem unsettling, it is important to consider the potential benefits. With the proper training, teachers who choose to carry concealed weapons could potentially save lives in the event of an active shooter situation. It is crucial to remember that these incidents can happen anywhere, and schools are not immune.

Rather than continuing to debate the issue, we should focus on finding ways to ensure the safety of our children and teachers. One possible solution is to allow teachers who undergo rigorous training to carry concealed weapons. This approach has been successfully implemented in some states and should be considered in others.

We cannot afford to wait until another tragedy occurs before taking action. It is time to have an honest conversation about how to prevent these senseless acts of violence and protect our communities.