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Opinion: Government Spending on Solar is Wasteful


Submitted by Alex Greenly

I write to express my firm and notably “unpopular” belief that government spending on solar programs a wasteful investment. While I acknowledge the importance of transitioning to clean energy sources, I argue that the current approach of promoting solar power is misguided and inefficient.

Solar power generation relies heavily on government subsidies through tax credits, rebates, and feed-in tariffs. This results in higher costs for taxpayers, and the funds could be more effectively allocated to other crucial areas, such as education, healthcare, or infrastructure.

From what I have read, solar panels’ current energy conversion efficiency remains relatively low in addition to causing habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, and land use conflicts.

While proponents of government spending on solar programs argue that investments in solar energy will create new jobs and spur economic growth, many highly automated solar industry jobs are temporary and do not provide long-term employment opportunities. Additionally, the solar industry’s reliance on government support raises doubts about its long-term economic viability.

Rather than pouring money into solar programs and solar panel installations, governments should invest in research and development for new, more efficient clean energy technologies, such as energy storage, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage.

By supporting innovation in these areas, governments can help pave the way for a truly sustainable energy future.


Gregg P Davis 1926-2024

Gregg was well known as an avid outdoorsman, a passion he developed as a boy who helped provide food during the Depression.

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