Opinion: Trans Awareness Does not Belong in Program Celebrating Women’s History


Submitted by: Claire M, Sophomore, Shippensburg University

I am writing to express my strong disgust and disappointment regarding the recent inclusion of Trans Week of Visibility in the celebration of Women’s History at Shippensburg University. As a female student, I feel that the university has missed the mark in honoring the history and struggles of women by focusing on a cause that is not directly related to female equality in the workplace and in culture.

While I understand the importance of recognizing and supporting transgender individuals, it is unacceptable to prioritize this cause over issues that directly impact women, during women’s history month. As we continue to fight for gender equality, it is essential to acknowledge the unique challenges and discrimination that women face every day. This is saying that biological women no longer deserve a full month to celebrate our history and struggles.

Women have been fighting for their rights and equal representation in society for centuries, and our struggle is far from over. We still face significant disparities in pay, job opportunities, and leadership positions. We continue to be underrepresented in politics, academia, and many other fields. We continue to be objectified, sexualized, and discriminated against based on our gender.

Instead of celebrating Trans Week of Visibility, the university should be focusing on matters that specifically relate to female equality in the workplace and in culture. We need to have more discussions about how we can support and empower women in our community. We need to explore ways to eliminate the gender pay gap and to provide more opportunities for women to advance in their careers.

I urge the university to reconsider its position on including transgender awareness within programs regarding Women’s History.

Is it too much to ask as a society to focus on issues that directly relate to the struggles of women. It is essential that we continue to fight for our rights and for a more equal and just society for all.

To be clear, I love the trans community and realize their struggles, but my issue is with the hijacking of women’s sports, events and culture.