Opinion: Vote, Register to Vote, Request a Ballot


Submission by John Bryner of Fair Districts PA

On May 17th, we again have an opportunity to express our concerns through the process of voting. Many voters who are registered, but don’t vote, have given up. This is primarily the result of the phenomena of our media and some political parties disparaging the government these past twenty or thirty years. Many registered voters don’t like their government and have become discouraged, apathetic, cynical or have an antipathy towards politicians and the political process. Voters who have given up have taken a narrow view and assume government has not had an impact in their lives. The fact is that government affects our lives all the time. We are a nation of people who run their government not the other way around.

In 2020 79.9% of 101 thousand registered voters voted, however in 2021 only 30.7% of 98 thousand voters voted. We voters need to be more persistent, informed and value the freedom to vote that we do have. This is the only government we have, and it can’t be reformed overnight. The way to reform government is to vote in every election and try to get to know who the candidates are. Speak to your representatives and share your concerns by letter, phone or in person. The alternatives to voting to reform government by any other means has historically shown to be much more lethal, destructive, and destabilizing.

Know someone who is not registered? Get them to go online at Vote.pa.gov and register to vote before May 2nd. Have you applied for a mail in ballot? Do that before the deadline of May 10th so that you can receive a ballot before the election is over. Our government is only as responsive to us as we are intentional about letting it know what our priorities are.


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