Opinion: We really do have a choice


Submitted by Dr. Jill Bartoli

Too many of our citizens in the United States are turned off about voting this November because of all the conflicting and confusing messages about fraud, insurrection and a deplorable number of outright lies that candidates are repeating. I guess candidates think that repeating lies long enough makes them true.

Citizens are asking, What happened to honesty and integrity? What happened to representing the people who voted for you? What happened to the voices of “We the People” and to majority rule?
Our legislators take an oath to pledge allegiance to our Constitution and to the people they represent. So, what do the majority of our citizens want?

68% want common sense gun laws that help to prevent the mass shooting of their children and their teachers.

61% want affordable healthcare and reasonable drug prices that don’t pitch them in bankruptcy.

60% want a fair and just economy that that does not prioritize the 1% at the expense of everyone else, and does not widen the growing gap between the very rich and the middle class.

89% want women and their doctors—not state government– to choose what is best for their health and the health of their families.

The majority of our citizens want leaders who honor our Constitution and the rule of law and who are not blind followers or enablers of autocrats seeking power.

But we have become a nation of minority—not majority—rule. Is this the best we can do? Can we even say we are a democracy?

Regardless of the lies about rampant voter fraud and stolen elections, we still have in the United States an open and fair election process that is the envy of the world. And we can still use our votes to move our country back to majority rule. We can still organize with others in the majority to support honest and committed candidates—even in the many gerrymandered districts—who we know will truly represent us.
Shamaine Daniels is just such a candidate.

She is a dedicated mother, a lawyer who fights for justice, a public servant on the Harrisburg City Council, a strong advocate for women, minorities and all of her constituents, a Latina who believes in the American dream of opportunity, and who works tirelessly to provide that opportunity for everyone.

Shamaine Daniels will serve us honestly and with integrity in Congress. She will honor our Constitution and our laws, and she will be true to her oath of office.

We have a choice—a great one. We don’t have to settle for someone who betrays the oath of office, who lies to us, and who does little to support their constituents and families. We don’t have to vote for someone who is a seditious coup planner.

We need someone who listens to our priorities and values, rejects blatant lies, and pledges allegiance to We the People—not to power hungry, ego-driven autocrats.

As a woman and a citizen, I believe that Shamaine Daniels is the best choice for Congress this November. Let’s get back to majority rule, integrity and truthfulness in government. Let’s elect Shamaine Daniels to protect our rights to equality, choice, privacy, and freedom.


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