Letter to the Editor: Opposing Public Option health care

Letter to the editor

Health care is a fundamental concern of all Pennsylvanians. While it should be more affordable and accessible for all, I simply cannot support any effort to eliminate the private and employer-sponsored health care plans on which my family—and countless others—rely.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what misguided, government-controlled proposals like the public option would do.

A public option would be financially supported by the federal government—or more accurately, by taxpayers like you or me. Given that fact, such a program would eventually push employer-sponsored and private health care plans out of the marketplace as private insurers would simply be unable to compete.

That would leave Pennsylvanians with fewer options and less flexibility to find a plan that works for them. Instead, we’d all be forced into the same, one-size-fits-all box.

Reducing options is no way to improve health care—and the cuts to providers under a public option could endanger access to care in our rural communities by putting rural hospitals one step closer to closing their doors for good.


We all want to fix health care, but let’s do that by improving our current system, not tearing it down and replacing it with an inferior one.

Debbie Taylor

Mercersburg, PA