WellSpan: Pat O’Donnell honored

Pat O'Donnell honored

Pat O’Donnell was honored for for his three-plus decades of service to the community when one of WellSpan Health Campus’ buildings on St. Paul Drive became the Patrick O’Donnell Pavillion.

WellSpan-Summit Board of Directors, joined by WellSpan President and CEO, Roxanna Gapstur, Ph.D, R.N., dedicated WellSpan Health Campus, Building 2, as the Patrick O’Donnell Pavilion in honor of his 34-year career as a leader with Chambersburg Hospital, Summit Health, and WellSpan Health.

Pat O'Donnell honored

O’Donnell served many roles during his long career in Chambersburg’s health community. Those include Chief Financial Officer, President and CEO of Summit Health, and Executive Vice President of WellSpan Health. He retired from the health system in June.

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“You can never go wrong doing the right thing,” Pat often told the teams that worked with him.

“Naming this building in his honor is the absolute ‘right thing’; it’s a nod the dedication and leadership he offered this community for more than three decades,” Gapstur said.

The multidisciplinary medical office building located within the WellSpan Health Campus, 12 St. Paul Drive was built during Pat O’Donnell’s tenure with Summit Health. He was hired by Chambersburg Hospital in 1985. He soon identified a need for more coordinated care between the hospital and ambulatory medical offices. The development of the health campus aimed to improve the community’s access to local, comprehensive care.

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O’Donnell’s leadership cited

“Pat’s leadership defined healthcare in Franklin County,” said WellSpan-Summit Board Chair Nancy Meyers. “Our organization is so grateful for the impact he has had on bringing high-quality care to the local area. This building is so much more to the Chambersburg community than bricks and mortar. I’m pleased his legacy will continue to live on in so many ways, including this honor.”

In addition to bearing O’Donnel’s name, the building will house a collection bin for new socks, to be donated to the community’s men, women, and children. The bin is a nod to Pat’s well-known love for colorful socks and his philanthropic heart. He has contributed generously to the local health system and community organizations for decades.

“I look back at the last 34 years with immense pride,” said O’Donnell. “I’ve had a front-row seat to watch a generation of caregivers, team members and leaders develop, grow and give back to this community we all love.”

He called having his name on the building “humbling” and a great honor.

“Perhaps though, the greatest honor has been to have a front-row seat to watch a generation of dedicated and talented caregivers and team members save and enhance the lives of our friends and neighbors,” he said. “They bring WellSpan’s vision and mission to life, and I’m proud to say I was a part of that.”

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