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Pennsylvania Launches New Tickborne Disease Dashboard

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has introduced an online dashboard during National Lyme Disease Awareness Month to inform residents and health care providers about tickborne diseases. This tool, designed for public use, displays data on the prevalence of ticks and tickborne diseases, including Lyme disease, across Pennsylvania. Users can access information like case counts and incidence rates per county.

Acting Secretary of Health Dr. Debra Bogen emphasized the importance of outdoor safety and the prevention of diseases like Lyme, which is prevalent in Pennsylvania. In 2022, Pennsylvania reported 8,413 Lyme disease cases, marking it ninth in the U.S. by reported cases per population.

The reporting of Lyme disease in Pennsylvania is now fully reliant on laboratory data, a shift from previous methods that included clinical data. This change occurred in 2022, streamlining the reporting process.

To mitigate tick exposure, especially in areas like wooded and brushy environments with high grass, the Department recommends walking in the center of trails, using EPA-approved insect repellents, treating clothing with products containing 0.5% permethrin, and wearing light-colored clothing to spot ticks easily. Regular tick checks and prompt removal of ticks using fine-tipped tweezers are advised.

The state also engages in Lyme disease prevention education through initiatives like an annual art contest for elementary students, teaching them about Lyme disease prevention. The contest winners will have their artwork displayed at the Capitol building until the end of May.

For more detailed prevention tips and to access the Tickborne Disease Dashboard, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website.


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