Letter to the editor: Pennsylvania legislators and HB38


Pennsylvania legislators want to take away one of your fundamental rights. You should be mad.

HB38, a constitutional amendment, will take away your right to choose all 31 Pennsylvania appellate judges and replace it with choosing only three in your small slice of the state.

Sponsor Rep. Diamond is confused about representation and gerrymandering. He thinks the courts need regional representation. That’s his job as a legislator. A judge’s job is to be impartial and true to an oath to defend the constitution of the entire commonwealth.

Gerrymandering is the “intent to manipulate” a district – not a “result” in a statewide election. The courts are not gerrymandered. The rigged districts of the dysfunctional PA legislature are.

HB38 creating judicial election districts is a terrible proposal. It dilutes your vote, expands the corrupting influence of unlimited money, and distorts the balance of power by giving control over the judiciary to the legislature and governor.

While not an option in PA, more states are moving to merit selection of judges. It removes the pressure from donors and parochial interests.

Better to stay with our current system of statewide elections. It spreads the influence of money and partisanship across the commonwealth and prevents gerrymandering altogether.

Don’t let them take away your right to vote for ALL Pennsylvania judges. Voting for only 3 of 31 judges is totally unacceptable.

Call and email your legislators. Find them at www.legis.state.pa.us. Tell them not to steal your vote with HB38.


Debbie Trudeau
State College, Centre County, PA