Pennsylvania Losing Residents and Wealth by Billions

Pennsylvania has been experiencing a continuous decline in its population for years. Recent IRS data shows that in 2020, more people left the state than came in, resulting in a net loss of 14,376 people and $1.86 billion in adjusted gross incomes. This article provides an overview of the latest IRS data, highlighting the destinations of those who left the state, and the trends in Pennsylvania’s population decline.

Pennsylvanians’ Migration

Many Pennsylvanians who left the state moved to Florida, with over 32,000 people. Other top destinations were New Jersey with more than 26,000 Pennsylvanians, New York with 17,000, and Maryland with 11,000. Neighboring states such as Delaware and Ohio also attracted Pennsylvanians with 11,000 and 10,000 respectively. North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina also gained from Pennsylvania.

However, Pennsylvania also gained some new residents. The state had a net gain from New York and New Jersey, with 37,000 New Yorkers and 30,000 New Jersey residents moving into the state, reducing the overall loss.

Trends in Population Decline

Pennsylvania’s annual loss of people and wealth is not a new trend but has been growing in recent years. In 2019, the state lost 5,000 people and only $1.2 billion in adjusted gross incomes, as reported previously by The Center Square.

The 2020 IRS data shows a 55% increase in the amount of wealth leaving Pennsylvania compared to the previous year. From 2010-2018, Pennsylvania lost $10.4 billion in gross income.


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