Bomb threat update: Police, bomb sniffing dogs clear Ship school

Christmas Day

Bomb-sniffing dogs searched Shippensburg Middle School Tuesday after the faculty received a bomb threat that morning. The dogs did not find any explosives or explosive devices, according to the Shippensburg Police Department.

The district quickly evacuated the building after receiving the threat. Middle School students went to the adjacent high school, where they finished the school day. The district decided to cancel after school activities as a precaution. SASD officials have not said how the threat was communicated to the school; and the police investigation is continuing.

Pennsylvania State Police, K9 bomb-sniffing dogs from Cumberland County Sheriff’s department, Dauphin County Sheriff’s department, York County Sheriff’s department as well as the U.S. Army War College helped Shippensburg police searching the building and ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Police cleared the scene at 3 p.m. Tuesday. The Shippensburg Police Department is currently investigating the threat. Police urge anyone with information about the incident to call 717-532-7361.


Students returned to their regular classrooms this morning. SASD provided counselors to support students with concerns and questions about the threat.

School officials posted information about the threat and subsequent investigation on both the district website and social media accounts; as well as communicating directly with parents.

The posts said school officials try to communicate “clearly” with parents about safety issues when they arise. They assured both parents and students that the district has emergency plans in place for situations like the one yesterday.

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