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FRANKLIN COUNTY (Aug. 28, 2019) — Today’s police log has three incidents from Waynesboro Police Department, plus a warning from Washington Township’s police officers about obeying those blinking yellow school speed zones.

Photo courtesy Washington Township Police Department.
Photo courtesy Washington Township Police Department.

SCHOOL ZONE VIOLATION: Remember that catchy little saying Washington Township police have been throwing out there: OBEY THE BLINKING SIGN OR PAY THE HEFTY FINE!!!!

They even made a silly little song about it:
Twinkle, twinkle flashing lights,
15 mph when we are bright!
Slow down and obey the sign,
or you will pay the hefty fine!

Well, on Monday someone wasn’t singing the catchy little tune in their head as they drove through the active 15 m.p.h. Hooverville School Zone with the flashing lights. A WTPD Officer cited an individual for 43 m.p.h. in the active 15 m.p.h. school zone while the flashing lights were on. YIKES!!

If convicted, the fine alone on this citation stands at $500.00 along with 3 points on your license. Not to mention the court costs/fees and how much your insurance is going to be affected.

“We can’t say it enough,” police warn. “SLOW DOWN! OBEY THE FLASHING SIGN OR PAY THE HEFTY FINE.”

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RESISTING ARREST: Michael W. Bernhisel Jr., 47, Hagerstown, Maryland, was arrested Aug. 11 after he was stopped on West Main Street at 1:21 a.m.

Michael W. Bernhisel, Jr.
Michael W. Bernhisel, Jr.

He is charged with three counts of resisting arrest; two counts each of aggravated assault and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substance; and one count each of escape, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked.

ASSAULT: Melinda A. Wallace, 52, Waynesboro, is charged with one count of aggravated assault as the result of a domestic violence incident Aug. 10

Melinda A. Wallace
Melinda A. Wallace

Police were called to a residence on North Franklin Street at 12:11 a.m. that night for a report of a domestic incident.

DRUG CHARGES: Samantha N. Yeager, 26, no fixed address, is charged with one count each of possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest is the result of an investigation into drug activity on Ringgold Street at 10:23 a.m. Aug. 6.

Samantha Yeager
Samantha Yeager

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In the middle of concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and orders from authorities to stay at home until it abates, people continue to get out and break the law.


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