Police seek pair in disturbance, theft

Police seek pair

Chambersburg police seek to identify a couple wanted in a retail theft case and are asking for the public’s help.

The pair used the Coronavirus mask order to create a diversion to cover up a retail theft at a local business today, police said.

Chambersburg police were sent to the Kid to Kid thrift store at 428 Gateway Ave. Tuesday to investigate a retail theft report.

A woman had entered the store with the man who was not wearing a mask, police said.  Employees asked the man to put a mask on. He refused. 

When he was told to leave, the man began to act as though he was coughing on items. 

While he created a disturbance, the woman left the store by another door instead of the front entrance/exit with a small child walking behind her carrying two beanie babies that were not paid for.

Police are now seeking the couple for questioning.

The persons in the above photos may have information relevant to an ongoing police investigation. They are persons of interest, but not necessarily suspects at this time.

Anyone with information that can assist the police in identifying or locating the people in the above photos is asked to submit a tip on CRIMEWATCH® Or contact Chambersburg police at 717-264-4131