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FRANKLIN COUNTY— Local police have a warning for residents who receive calls from scammers threatening to arrest them if they don’t immediately transfer money to them for unpaid fines.

Hang up the phone immediately if you get such a call, police advise.

“No law enforcement agency will collect fines in this manner,” according to a Chambersburg Police Department news release issued Monday.

The scam recently cost at least one local resident several thousand dollars.

According to police, the scammer called the victim’s office and specifically requested her by name.

The suspect identified himself as a local law enforcement officer who needed to speak with the victim about having missed jury duty.

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The suspect told the the victim that she failed to report for jury duty on two separate occasions and each violation carried a $2,000 fine.

The scammer used threats of arrest to coerce the victim into paying him $4,000 over the phone through the purchase of “moneypack” cards.

Law enforcement agencies do not collect fines over the phone, and courts don’t permit payment of fines with prepaid cards or gift cards, police said.

CPD advises hanging up immediately if an individual receives such a call and reporting any scam attempt to your local law enforcement agency.

See this and other CPD police reports at

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