Mural Incident at CASHS

Submission by Mike Hayduk

An example of limiting or eliminating people’s voices is just what Chambersburg Area Senior High School did in recent days. A student was given permission to paint a flag on a school wall and worked hard to draw the draft outline of his work. And then after his effort, his permission was rescinded and the outline of his work was painted over. Ostensibly, because a depiction of anything with rainbow colors is outlawed because someone labels it “political,” it’s not, it only advocates inclusion. Or danger, it might “indoctrinate” our students. Turn them into deviants, perverts, monsters.

Cartoon by Mike Hayduk

I reject that. I believe it might turn them into adults with compassion, who care about others. That they might grow up to be tolerant of those who are different. And be willing to listen to all voices, even those that they don’t agree. That they will be open minded enough to try to understand another’s point of view and challenge their own biases and prejudices.



WANTED: Have You Seen this Man?

The Pennsylvania State Police in Carlisle is actively looking for Robert Lee Suders, a 42-year-old man. He is wanted on an arrest warrant for aggravated