Proposed Warehouse Development to Replace Green Grove Gardens

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An application has been filed by developer Manekin to build two warehouses on 42.5 acres at 1032 Buchanan Trail East, the site of Green Grove Gardens. The proposed warehouses are smaller than most warehouses in the township, with each one having an area of about 230,000 square feet. The development will not have any outdoor storage and will not be detrimental to the surrounding neighborhood.

The current entrance to Green Grove Gardens will be used for access to the warehouses. The proposed development is a conditional use application and will be heard before the township board of supervisors and the planning commission on April 25, at the township municipal building. The community commercial zone permits warehouses as a conditional use.

No decisions will be made on the night of the hearing. The planning commission will consider the information at a later meeting and make a recommendation to the supervisors, who have 45 days from the hearing to determine possible conditions and whether to grant the conditional use.

Green Grove Gardens is currently a popular event venue that can accommodate up to 550 people. The facility is used for weddings, business events, fundraisers, and proms. The location features a renovated barn and landscaped grounds surrounded by fields off Route 16 between Greencastle and Shady Grove.

Green Grove Gardens started as a dairy farm and was eventually transformed with landscaped gardens and water features. The barn was renovated to become an event hall, with the original hardwood floors kept. The barn also features a spacious deck with views of the nearby Tuscarora Mountains.

Manekin LLC is a privately held real estate investment management and operating company with a preeminent reputation in the real estate community from the perspective of its investors, entitling agencies, and occupants.

The company’s goal is to create significant value for investors through a combination of strategic acquisition, development, capitalization, repositioning, and management of commercial real estate assets. The firm is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, and operates with a deep bench of third party resources throughout the mid-Atlantic.


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