D.L. Martin Co.: Robinson is July top employee

Chris Robinson is D.L. Martin Company’s Employee of the Month for July.

Chris lives in Mercersburg and has been with the company for 43 years. He is a Machine Operator in Building 4.

His supervisor, Dakota Carmack, is a Production Supervisor who has been with D.L. Martin Co. for 5 years.

The suggestion that earned Chris the Employee of the Month award made it possible to eleminate one step in the process of deburring Victaulic pipe.

The process involved manually deburring the inside diameter of Victaulic pipe using a deburr knife, using a hand grinder to manually deburr the outside diameter, and then manually cleaning the inside diameter with a rag.

Chris suggested completing the deburring operation much faster by rotating the pipe against a motorized wire wheel, which also eliminated the need to clean the inside diameter of the pipe.

About D.L. Martin Company

D.L. Martin Co. is a world class provider of precision machined components; fabricated components and assemblies to the elevator, heavy truck, mining, HVAC, construction, energy and agriculture industries.

The firm also provides of Level 1 components and assemblies to the U.S. Government. The company maintains a certified quality management system in compliance providerwith the requirements of the ISO 9001 International Standard and AS9100 Aerospace Standard.

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