Roxy Lehman Runs for Shippensburg School Board, District B

Press Release Submitted by Roxy Lehman

My name is Roxy Lehman.  I have been a resident of Shippensburg for over 20 years and a Shippensburg University Alumni.  I am a mom of two, a wife of 14 years, President of Shippensburg Area Intermediate

School PTO, a Nancy Grayson PTO member, Shippensburg Little League Secretary/Concession Stand Coordinator and an involved community member. I have a career in Operations where I manage multiple laboratories internationally.  I am cross-filing for both the Republican and Democratic ballot as I believe that school boards should be politically unbiased.

 I am the candidate who is showing up and getting things done in our schools right now:

  • When teachers at Nancy Grayson needed school supplies, my husband and I as part of the PTO worked with Walmart to get $4000 worth of donations which also reduced the 22/23 school supply budget. 
  • When it was identified that Nancy Grayson needed a new playground – I applied for over 7 grants on behalf of the school to ensure we are funded for this project. 
  • Through my work as part of SAIS PTO, I have provided over $3000 worth of books to our teachers and have plans in motion for adding a new Gaga pit to our playground. 
  • Through my work as chairperson of Science Night at NGES, I have built a partnership with Shippensburg University faculty and students, and I am working on our first ever SAIS Science Event to be hosted by the University at their campus. 

I am the candidate who believes that we must meet standards on every front. 

  • I believe we need adequately sized facilities and the appropriate number of support staff and teachers as well as a strong retention plan for our teachers. 
  • I believe we need robust arts and humanities programs, access to clubs as well as first-rate athletic programs and facilities. 
  • I believe in strengthening our community partnerships and working with parents as partners.  I believe every child matters.
  • I believe in building a long-term vision and using metrics to measure success and allow course correction as well as ensure school board/administration accountability.

I am committed to doing the work.  I am committed to being diligent and fastidious.  I am committed to being fiscally responsible.  I am committed to being transparent with our community.  I am committed to rebuilding relationships with our community partners.  I am committed to our students

I am committed to you.

I will continue to support our district and community.  I hope that you will consider voting for me as one of your District B School Board of Directors on May 16th and in the general election this November.


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