Scammers Pose as Public Opinion Sales Reps

COVID-19 scams

In rural areas of Franklin County, residents have over the last few months seen delivery of Public Opinion stop in certain areas. We spoke to a few residents of Amberson, who had received the publication for the last forty years. They stopped receiving the paper do to the publication cutting delivery routes a few months ago.

“We were disappointed to lose the paper since we are older and without internet”, said one individual who also reported having a difficult time getting refunded for the subscription that got cut short by the publication.

A believable scam

There have been verified reports of residents receiving phone calls claiming to be from the Public Opinion. These scammers claim that the publication will resume delivery and they just need to take credit card information over the phone.

“I asked for them to mail me a bill, but they said that they would have to charge more so I gave them my card information”, said an individual who was tricked.

Comment from PO

We reached out to the Public Opinion for comment and they explained that when they discontinue delivery, these individuals are considered former subscribers and no effort is ever made to contact them. They also confirmed that the Public Opinion is not returning to areas that had its delivery discontinued.

“It is likely a scam, we don’t call former subscribers,” said the individual we spoke with from the Public Opinion’s billing line.