Searchers believe Abigael Bellows found

Search continues
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Parents of 22-year-old Abigael Bellows learned Friday afternoon that searchers in Eugene, Oregon, believe they have found their daughter’s body.

Garth and Tressa Bellows received a call from the Lane County Sheriff’s Office just after 1 p.m. Pacific time Friday according to a social media post by Tressa.

Searchers found a woman’s body less than a half mile away from the spot Abigael disappeared 10 days ago on the Willamette River. Officials believe it is Abigael.

The bathing suit she was wearing at the time of her disappearance matches the description in the report, Tressa wrote.

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She has been taken to RiverBend Medical Center in Springfield, Oregon. The Lane County medical examiner will confirm her identity Monday.

The Bellows family flew to Oregon a week ago to help with the search. They stayed close, planning to bring Abby home to Pennsylvania once she was found.

Abigael disappeared July 22 while swimming with friends in the Middle Fork Williamette River Near Clearwater park.

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Finding peace in turmoil

”We cannot begin to adequately thank every single person who has prayed for us, cried with us, hoped with us and held our family up,” Tressa wrote in her post on Abby’s Facebook page.

Then she talked about an incident that happened right after receiving the call.

She and Garth were standing outside when a deer came into the driveway, stopped and looked at them, then quietly moved on. A few minutes later, a fawn came to the same spot, looked at them for a few moments, then moved on.

“It was incredibly moving and beautiful,” Tressa wrote. “We know that she is still with us, in the way that she can be.”

The family is completely devastated, Tressa said.

“(We) yearn for prayers, love and support now more than ever,” she wrote.

Tressa and Garth will remain in Oregon until they can bring Abby home with them.

Tressa said the are literally functioning by putting one foot in front of the other, moment by moment, step by step.

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