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Students in the Strategy Implementation class in the John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University want to show their Raider pride this year. They think a seeing eye puppy named s Raider would be one way to do it.

The class formed a consulting project team with a goal of raising money for The Seeing Eye (TSE) in order to name a puppy Raider.

To do that, students have already raised $210 of a $1,800 goal through a GoFundMe campaign. Their message is simple, and its going traction in the community.

It goes like this:

“Want to join Ship in supporting a good cause? We’re raising money to name a Seeing Eye puppy “Raider”.   Any contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500.  Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.“ 

The opportunity to name a Seeing Eye puppy Raider goes far beyond a fundraiser, however. It allows the Shippensburg University community to work together, spread Raider pride, and give back to society.

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About Seeing Eye Dogs and the Blind

The Seeing Eye (TSE) has matched more than 17,000 Seeing Eye dogs and human partners since its inception in 1929. The organization’s goal is to help visually impaired people achieve a life of independence and dignity.

The organization relies solely on donations (they receive no taxpayer funding) and charges a fee of $150 which covers the cost of the dog and training. Military veterans pay only a $1 to show TSE’s commitment to those who serve.

The Seeing Eye’s mission is to enhance the independence, dignity and self-confidence of people who are blind, through the use of specially trained Seeing Eye dogs. In pursuit of this mission,

The organization breeds and raises puppies to become Seeing Eye dogs, trains Seeing Eye dogs to guide blind people, instructs blind people in the proper use, handling, and care of the dogs and conducts and supports research on canine health and development.

For Love of a Dog Named Raider

As for that class at SU’s College of Business, the project is something they are enthused as they imagine a seeing eye dog named Raider.

“We are thankful for all, and any support we receive,” said organizer Larissa Follweiler, who contacted Franklin County Free Press about the class project.

The GoFundMe can be found at this link:

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