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By Janet Pollard, Tourism Director, Franklin County Visitors Bureau

Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites the public to view the semi-finalists of A Cappella & Unplugged 2019 on

Seven performers – Big Toe, Evan Crider, For F4ith, Kylie Young, Maple Taco, Marla Hart, and Robert Twine — are vying to be the 2019 A Cappella & Unplugged champion.

Take a minute to view and like the most appealing performance. The three videos with the most likes are invited to perform in the 2019 A Cappella & Unplugged Finals on July 20 at 7 PM as part of the 1864 Weekend.
Big Toe
Evan Crider
For F4ith
Kylie Young
Maple Taco
Marla Hart
Robert Twine

1864 Weekend, July 19 and July 20, remembers the Civil War history of Chambersburg, PA—which was ransomed by Confederate General John McCausland for $100,000 in gold or $500,000 in Yankee greenbacks.

When the town could not pay the ransom, Chambersburg was burned. More than eleven blocks, a total of 550 structures, burned. Over 2000 residents were left homeless.

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Yet, the residents did not give up. They gathered themselves and rebuilt the town. Today, Chambersburg remains a prosperous community. Without such spirit and perseverance, Chambersburg would have passed into obscurity. A Cappella & Unplugged commemorates the spirit of these past residents.

A Cappella & Unplugged 2019 celebrates five years of amazing talent. Past winners of A Cappella & Unplugged are:

  • 2015: “A World Apart” with Taylor Piper and Kristopher Potter of Mercersburg
  • 2016: Kate & Isaac, a duo from Waynesboro
  • 2017: Elly Cooke of Gettysburg
  • 2018: Alexus Lawson of Chambersburg

Join the Franklin County Visitors Bureau at 7 PM on July 20 in downtown Chambersburg to see who will be the 2019 A Cappella & Unplugged winner.

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