Senior Job Fair connects retirees and businesses looking for help

NEWS TALK 1037FM will host a Senior Job Fair from 9 a.m. to noon Friday, April 28, at the Majestic at Whiskey Run, 2437 Adin Lane.

The Job Fair is for people who are “retired, but not tired” and looking to help the community, while making a little extra money as well.

Shafer Equipment Rental and Pennsylvania Representative Rob Kauffman are sponsoring the event.

Attendees can chat with a variety of local businesses and create a schedule that works best for all parties.

Pat Ryan, Vice President and General Manager of Magnum Broadcasting, parent company of NEWS TALK 103.7FM explained, “I hear from a lot of business owners how difficult it can be to find reliable people. They’ll set up interviews, but so many are no-shows. They’ll send out call backs on applications and get ghosted. We realized a lot of our retirees may be looking for something to do and we all know that generation is reliable, so the Senior Job Fair just made sense to bring these two groups together.”

For more information on NEWS TALK 103.7FM’s inaugural Senior Job Fair, call 877-709-1037.


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