Shapiro Administration Launches 2023 Lyme Art Contest

The Shapiro Administration in Pennsylvania is hosting the 2023 Lyme Art Contest for students in first through sixth grade to create videos or posters on the theme “How to Prevent a Tick Bite.” The contest aims to raise awareness about ticks and Lyme disease by educating students on where ticks live, how to prevent bites, and how to remove ticks.

The new deadline for entries is March 17, 2023, and contest details are available on the Department of Health’s website. Pennsylvania has a high incidence of Lyme disease cases, making it crucial for children to learn about prevention.

Officials from the Departments of Health, Education, Environmental Protection, and Conservation and Natural Resources are encouraging students to participate in the contest to raise awareness about the disease. Finalists will be invited to an award ceremony at the State Capitol in May.

It is important to take precautions to prevent tick bites when spending time outdoors, such as wearing protective clothing, using insect repellent, and checking yourself, children, and pets for ticks after spending time outside. For more information on Lyme disease, visit the Department of Health’s website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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