Community Uniting!: SHaRe program plans for new year


The SHaRe program started the new year with plans to make its third delivery Wednesday. Local residents “buy” a featured meal from local restaurants, which then are donated to Chambersburg Hospital for a quick meal for stressed, hungry caregivers.

The project supports local restaurants while providing meals to hardworking caregivers at Chambersburg Hospital. It is sponsored by Community Uniting!; an organization of people of goodwill coming together to build personal relationships across faith, race, gender, and politics to strengthen the local community.

The group delivered the first meals to Chambersburg Hospital just before Christmas, then made its second delivery last Wednesday. The next delivery will feature burritos from Montezuma’s next Wednesday.

SHaRe program plans
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It’s easy to support the project, organizers say. Check the chart below to see which restaurant is delivering meals. Pick the restaurant you want to support, or the date you want meals delivered to the hospital in support of caregivers. Contact the restaurant, tell them you want to donate one (or more) meals to the SHaRe program, make arrangements to pay for the meals.

Community Uniting! is aiming for one or two featured restaurants per week. Hopefully, each will get enough donations to provide about 50 meals. Funding beyond the goal for that day will be applied to that restaurant’s next time on the schedule; or earlier if they have enough for 50 meals and are “ready to go.”

For example, Falafel Shack has had enough orders to deliver before being “featured” again.

Delivery Schedule

Delivery onRestaurantPrice/MealMealPhoneWeb
Jan 6Montezuma’s (Wayne Ave.)$5Burrito717-709-1003Pending
Jan 13Sakura$8Hibachi ChickenRice – Veg.717- 251-2866Ask for Pam / MikePending
ongoingFalafel Shack$6Falafel wrap717-404-8282FS SHaRe!

Here’s how to do your SHaRE:

  • Pick a restaurant to order from – by phone or online, if available. Order before the delivery date (if after, balance will be carried forward). 
  • Order your chosen number of SHaRe meals – Say “I want to donate # meals to SHaRe.”   We have worked with our participating restaurants to pre-select one meal that is “grab and go” – prices vary from $5-$8 per meal, as described on the menu.
  • Pay with your credit/debit card
  • Smile! & Spread the word!

The money goes to support local restaurants. The food is delivered to various departments of hard-working healthcare workers by the restaurant or team members. You have helped while staying physically distant and socially united.

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