Shawn Kimple: New Athletic Director for Chambersburg Area School District

The Chambersburg Area School District has announced the hiring of Shawn Kimple as its new athletic director, starting July 1st. The school board directors approved the decision at the April 11th Regular Board Meeting. Mr. Kimple has been a part of the district for his entire educational career, serving at various schools, including Guilford Hills Elementary, South Hamilton Elementary, and CAMS South. He was the principal of Ben Chambers Elementary School for the past ten years and has a total of 21 years of experience in education.

Mr. Kimple is excited to take on this new challenge and is committed to building upon the district’s already successful athletic programs. He wants to create an athletic department that makes the entire district proud and is focused on promoting success both inside and outside competition. He is determined to help athletes grow into confident, motivated, and respectful young adults who are equipped with the skills to be successful post-high school.

As an athletic director, Mr. Kimple brings extensive coaching experience and expertise, having served as head coach for various teams, including Chambersburg Area High School football, Fayetteville Browns youth football, Chambersburg youth wrestling, and youth soccer. He also holds a Master of Science in Athletic Administration from McDaniel College.

The Chambersburg Area School District is confident that Mr. Kimple’s experience and passion for education and athletics will make him an excellent addition to the district’s leadership team. The school district welcomes him as its new athletic director and looks forward to the growth and development of its athletic programs under his leadership.


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