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Sheriff’s Sale Notice for Chambersburg

Issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and to me directed, I will expose the following described property at public sale via on:


All parties in interest and claimants are further notified that a proposed schedule of distribution will be on file in the Sheriff’s Office no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the sale of any property sold hereunder, and distribution of the proceeds will be made in accordance with the schedule ten (10) days after said filing, unless exceptions are filed with the Sheriff’s Office prior thereto.


ALL the following described real estate lying and being situate in the Borough of Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and being more fully bounded and described according to a plan of survey by Carl D. Bert, R.S. dated August 1976 and bearing File No. F-CB-76-2, as follows:

BEGINNING at a point located on the eastern side of South Main Street and land now or formerly of C. Dean and Joan Bartle, his wife, said point being measured along the same, 44. 70 feet from the intersection of the eastern  side of South Main Street with the southern  side of East Catherine Street; thence extending along land now or formerly of Bartle, South 79 degrees 33 minutes 13 seconds East 110.96 feet to an existing metal post at land now or formerly of Mary Jolley, et al; thence extending along the same, South 09 degrees 30 minutes 15 seconds West 17.32 feet to an existing metal post at a corner of land now or formerly Ramon Thorson, et ux; thence extending along the same the following three (3) courses and distances: (1) North 79 degrees 33 minutes 13 seconds West 55.53 feet to a point; (2) thence North 09 degrees 30 minutes 15 seconds East 2.70 feet to a point; (3) thence passing through a party wall, North 80 degrees 33 minutes 36 seconds West 55.42 feet to a point located on the eastern side of South Main Street aforesaid; thence extending along the same, North 09 degrees 30 minutes 15 seconds East 15.59 feet to the first mentioned point and place of beginning.

BEING designated as Tax Map and Parcel No. 04-1F.09.-140.-000000; also known as 406 S Main Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

IMPROVEMENTS: Residential Dwelling

TITLE TO SAID PREMISES IS VESTED IN Edgar Ramirez and Page Mejia-Velasquez, husband and wife by Deed from Ramon Thorson, dated 03/20/2015 at instrument number 2015-00505058.

Judgment amount: $46,415.58

Seized and taken into execution to be sold as the property EDGAR RAMIREZ and PAGE MEJIA-VELASQUEZ, in the suit of Thorson v. Ramirez et. al.

Terms of Sale

Prospective bidders must complete the Bid4Assets on-line registration process to participate in auction.  All bidders must submit a $1,000 deposit before the start of the auction.  The successful bidder must pay ten percent (10%) of the purchase price by close of the following business day after the auction, plus a buyer’s premium of 1.5%.  The remainder balance shall be due by 4:30 PM EST on the 10th calendar day following the Auction Date, unless that day falls on a holiday or weekend, then the balance is due on the next business day by 4:30pm EST.  Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in a default and the forfeiture of the deposit.  Defaulting party shall be liable to plaintiff and/or Sheriff for any and all costs incurred in resale of the property.


 Franklin County, Pennsylvania


Patricia M Campbell 1932-2024

Pat graduated from Fannett Township High School in 1950 and received her BA in Education from, known then as, Shippensburg State Teachers College. .

James Patrick McNally III 1947-2024

James was known for his dedication and excellence in his professional career, where he made lasting contributions and built strong relationships with his colleagues.

Brenda Jackson Liu 1945-2024

Upon retirement, Brenda worked as a part-time nurse at the Migrant Health in Gettysburg. During this time she traveled to migrant camps all over Pennsylvania.

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