Amberson PA: Small Community to Host Annual Picnic Needs Our Help

Amberson Athletic Association and Community

Authored by Amanda Hammond

In response to the COVID pandemic, the Amberson Picnic did not happen for the past two years. They had to use what savings they had to keep the community center up and to run. They still have many expenses and have to maintain upkeep so the funds are very low. Without a successful picnic this year, they are afraid this may become just another thing of the past.

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Amberson Community Center Picnic

I was born in Amberson. Spending most of my childhood growing up there. Even when my family moved out of the area for a few years, I still had family there, and we visited often. It was a beautiful quiet place where we could just drive down store lane and look at deer in the field, or take a drive further up into Amberson Estates and take the dirt road back into the state game lands.

But what I looked forward to was the summers. Summers at the community center ballfield playing little league with my brother and my cousin, playing in the little steam by the playground they had there at the time, and of course the Amberson picnic. I can remember our family was modest, we weren’t dirt poor but we lived simply. And I feel that is how our community was and still is today. It was so fun to get cleaned up and take the short ride to the Amberson Community building to play games, eat great food, listen to music, see my school friends, and have chugging contests with my brother and cousin to see who could drink there pop the fastest. Oh and we loved seeing familiar faces running the operation.

We felt safe, happy and it is a comforting memory of mine.

We Need to Save the Picnic

This Year the Amberson Picnic is Friday, July 15th, and Saturday, July, 16th. On Friday It opens up at 5 pm and will shut down around 9 pm. On Saturday it will be an all-day affair and will start at 11 am and close down at 9 pm. You do not want to miss out on this chance to experience small-town community fellowship and picnicking. Not to mention the live music and all the delicious food made homemade, especially for this occasion.

Saturday will be the day to get your delicious chicken dinners. Every year my Old Pap, Dad, and brother made our way up the road around lunchtime just for the chicken dinners. Up until Old Pap turned 91, and couldn’t get around so well, we went up together, then once he couldn’t we still went to get him the chicken dinner that he expected. This year will be the first Summer without Old Pap but my tradition still stands and we will be getting those chicken dinners.

Oh, and did you know that there is no admission fee, no parking fee, and watching the live band is all FREE! Bring your favorite chair and enjoy the good food, the music, and watching the excitement on that little girl or boy’s face when they win a goldfish or a pop chugging contest.

The Future for the Path Valley Community Center

We are trying to make this year’s picnic a total success. We do however need the help of some volunteers. They are setting up for the picnic Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Unfortunately, without more help, they can not have all the planned wonderful activities they envisioned. Like running the goldfish game or dime pitch. They would be perfect for a family to do together. The Younger kids seem to enjoy picking up the balls and the dimes. They also have other games too that all kids and even some adults would enjoy. They also could use help in the kitchen. Even if you could only help for an hour or two, it would be very helpful and appreciated. If you cannot help with your time, please attend the picnic, enjoy yourself, bring the kids let them keep the Amberson picnic as a happy core memory as I did, and be as generous as you can be.

With this year’s success, they want to bring back some fun, memorable things that maybe you have a happy core memory of like the car show, or the always fun Halloween dance. I always enjoyed that. We are living in hard times, and to me, this picnic and these events will spark a memory of happier and simpler summer days.

More Info/Recap

The Amberson Picnic is located at the Amberson Athletic Association and Community Center. The address is 19289 Amberson Road, Amberson PA, 17210.

If you come upon the small post office you are close but went too far. There is a sign at the end of the dirt lane that says The Amberson Athletic Association and Community Center. If you are coming down off of 641 you will see a pallet painted like our American flag and a sign pointing you the way to go. If you are coming from Spring Run, look for those signs. Where you want to turn is right across from Mr. Merit Burges’s sawmill. If you go over the turnpike overpass, you missed your turn.

Help the community of Amberson. Weather with your time, and volunteering or bringing out the entire family, the crew from work, the In-laws visiting for the summer, or just yourself and enjoy the comfort of small-town USA! We promise to make you feel right at home.