Smoke but no fire

Smoke but no fire

Franklin Fire Company firefighters found smoke but no fire when they answered a fire call on Delano Drive early this morning.

Firefighters were called out at 12:55 a.m. Squad 41 with four volunteers aboard and Truck 42 with four volunteers arrived at a two-story wood frame townhouse at the end of a row of townhouses. They found smoke throughout both floors of the unit.

Firefighters with Squad 41 started searching for the source, but didn’t find flames. They did find a fire wall in the attic separating the end unit from its adjoining neighbor.

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Truck 41’s crew set up, went to the roof and reported they could see smoke venting from the ridge vent.

Crews searched the residence for almost an hour to rule out an active fire and danger to the structure.

The source was finally traced to a faulty heating HVAC system.

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The Franklins released their 2020 run stats this week., showing 803 runs during the past year. That’s slightly over two runs a day. The volunteers manning averaged 11 mrembers per run. They answered calls to 36 structure fires, and managed 15 extrications of people trapped in vehicles as a result of crashes.

In view of those statics, Franklin volunteers probably decided finding smoke but no fire a good way to start a new year.

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