Spam Calls to Business Falsely Representing Chambersburg Police

COVID-19 scams

Within the past week, the Chambersburg Police Department has responded to two local businesses regarding scam phone calls purporting to be from the Chambersburg Police Department “Counterfeit or Fraud Division”. In both recent cases, the employees realized the call was a scam and ended the call. In past cases, businesses have been asked to pay a “fine” for allegedly accepting counterfeit currency or some other fictious violation.

Citizens are reminded to be alert for scam phone calls, and that they can always confirm that they are speaking with a real police officer by contacting the Franklin County dispatch center non-emergency number at (717) 263-1611. 

There are a few ways to verify that a caller claiming to be a police officer is legitimate:

  1. Ask for their name and badge number, and then call the police department’s non-emergency number to verify their identity.
  2. Ask for their name and badge number, and then ask them to meet you in person, at the police station or a public place.
  3. Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls asking for personal information or money. Legitimate police officers will not call to ask for personal information or money over the phone.
  4. Remember that you have the right to ask for proof of identity and you should never feel pressured to comply with the request of someone over the phone who you cannot verify is a legitimate police officer.

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