Shippensburg University: Student-athletes exceed national averages

Shippensburg University student-athletes continue to exceed the national averages for federal graduation rates (FGR) and academic success rates (ASR), according to new data released by the NCAA.

The FGR is the percentage of freshmen who entered and received athletics aid during a given academic year; and graduated within six years. Seventy-four percent of Shippensburg University student-athletes graduated within six years. That’s a rate that ranks 12% above the national Division II student-athlete average of 62%.

The ASR adds a larger student population compared to the FGR report. It includes first-time freshmen, students entering midyear; first-year freshmen who did not receive athletics aid but participated in athletics and transfers who participated in athletics. Shippensburg’s 80% ASR is 6% above the national Division II student-athlete average of 74%.

“The continued classroom accomplishments are a tribute to the hard work of our student-athletes as well as the commitment of our academic-support personnel, a dedicated and talented faculty, and the university as a whole to achieve one of our campus-wide principles of student success,” said Jeff Michaels, director of athletics.

The 2020 NCAA FGR and ASR reports span a six-year range from 2013-14 through 2018-19 and include cohort data.

Bill Morgal is Sports Information Director at Shippensburg University