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To the editor:

I am Sam Worley, Former Franklin County Commissioner.  Having been in the courthouse over the years and observing the judges I can tell you that I strongly support Mary Beth Shank for our next Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Mary Beth’s integrity, impeccable character and knowledge of the law are at the heart of my recommendation.

I have known Mary Beth, a native to this area, her entire life as a neighbor and friend.  She was raised by the wonderful family of Buzz and Peggy Shank; always active in the Republican Party and supporting conservative candidates.  I know that Mary Beth cares about the community as witnessed by her volunteer work throughout the community. She is also a lifelong active church member and that is important to me.

I also think that she is the perfect person to succeed retiring Judge Van Horn.  Their legal backgrounds are quite similar and their dedication to the community is similar as well.

Please vote for Mary Beth Shank as our next Judge.

Samuel Worley

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Former Franklin County Commissioner


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