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CHAMBERSBURG (Oct. 12, 2019) — Police are warning the public about a scam with a bit of a twist. Scammers are calling local residents pretending to be local police and demanding money to clear “charges” against them.

The scammers even generate the actual police department’s phone number, which shows up on the victim’s caller ID.

It happened in Chambersburg Friday when a borough resident received a phone call from a person he believed to be a representative of the Chambersburg Police Department.

The CPD phone number popped up on his caller ID. The scammer told him he needed to get $600 to the caller immediately to clear up fraud charges against him.

Police said, as a result, the victim was defrauded of $600.

Police advise anyone getting a call like that to hang up immediately and report the call to a local Law Enforcement Agency.

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The scam appears to be a spin-off of other scams that have circulated in the past. Sometimes it involves unpaid fines and imminent arrest if the victim doesn’t pay up immediately. Sometimes it involves bailing out wayward relatives.

The victim is always led to believe he/she must remit money immediately to avoid some kind of unpleasant circumstance.

It’s a scam, police said. Do not fall for it, or provide any payment or transfer of funds over the phone. Do let your local police department know about it.

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