New Business Spotlight: Teriyaki Madness

New Business Spotlight: Teriyaki Madness

Last week was hectic for Jake Moore, owner of the new Teriyaki Madness restaurant in Chambersburg. With a big grand opening underway, all the usual expected little problems cropped up, plus one big problem.

Owner Jake Moore at his new Teriyaki Madness restaurant in Chambersburg.
Owner Jake Moore at his new Teriyaki Madness restaurant in Chambersburg.

Almost immediately, Jake and his cooks discovered the gas burners in the kitchen weren’t working properly. While they turned on, the pressure was weak.

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It was then that the Pennsylvania native from State College discovered one of the advantages of having borough utilities.

Instead of having to call a repair service, he called the borough’s utility department. He had someone on site quickly, who discovered the problem — a faulty gas meter.

It wasn’t the kind of problem his new business needed on opening day. He already had food cooking and customers waiting.

That was when he discovered another fact about Chambersburg. People were willing to wait for good food.

While borough employees prepared to change the meter, Moore’s cooks finished cooking enough food to serve customers who had already placed their orders. Moore explained the situation to new arrivals, telling them it might be awhile before the problem was fixed. Their reaction surprised him.

“People were really great,” he said. “Some just wanted to come in and wait.”

”We have wonderful customers,” he said of the experience. “Everyone was nice. They were patient, and they told us they loved the food.”

There were no complaints about the wait, he said.

For Jake, it was hectic, and at times a madhouse of stress that first day, but a different kind of stress than what he experienced as a corrections officer.

Starting a Second Career

Jake spent 27 years in that field and was looking for a change of pace after his retirement. He wanted to do something that would appeal to his love of good food and desire to serve his community.

“I had worked in the (restaurant) business in college, and I enjoyed it,” he said.

But he ultimately decided on a career in corrections, at least in part because it provided a steady paycheck and good benefits for his growing family.

It was a good career, but very stressful, so when looking at a second career after retirement, he was drawn to the idea of owning and operating a restaurant.

After connecting with a business broker, the recent retiree discovered Teriyaki Madness and instantly loved the concept.

His wife, Candy, needed a little convincing, however. The pair drove to the nearest Teriyaki Madness three hours away in Fairfax, Virginia. There, they proceeded to order every single item on the menu.

From the first bite, they were sold.

For the Moores, this venture will also be a family business, with Candy doing the bookkeeping, their son Ale Moore working as the assistant manager and their oldest daughter Stevi Glick running the store’s social media pages.

They are focusing on their new restaurant and becoming integrated into the local community. But expansion plans are eventually in the couple’s future. Jake would like to expand its franchise and open new Teriyaki Madness restaurants in other Pennsylvania locations.

“I want to leave a legacy for my children,” Jake said.

The Moores are new grandparents also and he said he hopes the restaurant does well enough to start a college fund for his young grandson.

About Teriyaki Madness

Chambersburg’s newest restaurant is Pennsylvania’s first Teriyaki Madness, a fast-casual Asian restaurant concept featuring a Seattle Teriyaki menu.

Teriyaki Madness commits to unconditionally satisfying guests by offering made-to-order Teriyaki dishes prepared with fresh, all-natural ingredients, served quickly and at a reasonable price in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

The simple menu lets guests choose their protein, type of rice or noodles and desired vegetables. The result is a fully customizable bowl, made to the customer‘S specifications.

The menu includes a variety of chicken bowls, a steak bowl, sides including brown, white and fried rice, noodles, both macaroni and mixed salads, and specialty sauces. The restaurant also offerS appetizers such as edamame, pot stickers and egg rolls.

Founded in 2003, the brand currently has franchise agreements in place for nearly 150 shops across the U.S.

Photos by Vicky Taylor/ Franklin County Free Press

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