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To the Editor:

Now that the primary election results are official, I want to thank voters in Chambersburg’s Third Ward for their bipartisan support. I received 141 votes from Democrats and 146 from Republicans who chose me through the write-in process.

As a result, my name will be the only one listed for the Borough Council term on the Nov. 5 ballot.

I also thank those who allowed me to put an election sign on their property and those who volunteered at the polls on Election Day. I ask for your continued support in November.

Whether you voted for me or not, or did not vote at all, I am your representative (along with Barb Beattie in the Third Ward) so do not hesitate to call if I can help in any way with Borough of Chambersburg issues. My telephone number is 717-267-0580.

Kathy Leedy

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