Election 2020: The news is in. Are you surprised?


The news is in, and it probably doesn’t surprise most of us who have followed the 2020 election closely for months.

Democrat Joe Biden has been declared president-elect by whoever it is out there in cyber space that makes those predictions. You know. The corporate media predictions based on as yet incomplete numbers but still strong probabilities. They crunched the numbers, took exit polls, figured it all out.

Some are celebrating, others stressing out. If you are among the stressed, Franklin County Free Press recently published an excellent article about how to stay calm and centered in troubling times, provided to us by WellSpan Health.

You can find it here. It has some excellent suggestions.

Of course, the election stress isn’t over. President Trump promises court challenges. How that will play out is yet to be seen. So far that doesn’t look too good, if corporate media is to be believed.

It will be several weeks before the Electoral College meets Dec. 14. The 538 electors making up the college will finalize the choices made by American voters. The results will be sent to the President of the Senate, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Grassley will then read those results before both houses of Congress on January 6th.

Even though the news is in, and a winner has been “declared,” the arguments continue. So, we must endure those screaming headlines awhile longer.

America will survive whether the POTUS is JB or DT

What’s important to remember is that America will survive, no matter who sits in the Oval Office. We have had dissention in the past. We have had challenges people, survived, face, to election results. In the end we accepted the new OOO (Oval Office Occupant) even if we didn’t like the way the whole thing turned out.

We as a people have endured wars, including the war that gave birth to this nation. Our losses in two devastating pandemics have not defeated us as a nation. We have survived recessions, a great depression, and much more.

Yes, we face some extraordinary challenges. We must figure out how to eliminate systemic racism without tearing our country apart. We must end poverty, war and find better, more equitable, ways of educating our children. Protecting our youth from the lure substance abuse and treating addictions as the disease it is is a high priority, in my book. Climate change must be tackled.

We also have a lot of healing to do as a nation.

Democrats can’t do it. Republicans can’t do it. We need to work together, all of us.

We are resilient. We are survivors.