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To the Editor:

As a retired police officer with 19 years of service, I have witnessed the operations of a trial court many times throughout my career. I believe that it is important for all voters to do their research and establish what qualities are needed for the position of judge for the Court of Common Pleas.

Consider these things. A judge must be impartial and apply our laws without regard to an individual’s wealth, social status, power or race. A judge must consider the scales of justice, balancing the weight of evidence presented to the court and allowing the evidence to stand on its own. A judge must uphold the common principle that justice must be swift and final. A judge must be independent, not to be influenced by any outside special interest. A judge should have compassion when imposing sentence on a person found guilty of a crime. All trial judges have a broad degree of discretion when considering sentencing and this discretion allows compassion on the part of the judge.

Courtroom experience is extremely important when selecting a judge. Ian Brink has 18 years of trial court experience, both as a Public Defender and as an Assistant Deputy District Attorney. Experience matters! Ian is the only candidate that has been rated as highly qualified by his peers in the Franklin County Bar Association. We need a judge who can immediately fulfill the duties of a judge for the court of common pleas. Ian Brink is that candidate. Ian will not require any on-the-job training and will be a “turn-key” judge.

I am asking all voters to consider these qualities on May 21st when you elect the next judge for the court of common pleas. Think Brink!

Walt Bietsch
(CPD Sergeant- retired)
Chambersburg PA

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