Letter to the Editor: Candidate Talks About His Ideas And Finding A Path To National Unity

Todd Rowley Jones Mills, PA

This letter is to the hard-working citizens and fellow Americans of Franklin County.

Our campaign message is one of UNITY and is to all AMERICANS.

First and foremost what unites us as a nation and binds us together in our communities is that we are AMERICANS. Beyond any political party affiliation, we are AMERICANS.

Our country and its citizenry must find our way back to a sense of national unity and our shared values of civility, decency, equality, fairness, tolerance, honesty, respect for each other and the Rule of Law. I have lived a life of public service and caring for those fellow citizens who are less fortunate.

There is a deep division and tribalism we are experiencing as Americans in our country that must be confronted and reversed. We are first and foremost Americans before any affiliation with or allegiance to a particular political party or individual. Ever vigilant that our elected leaders must always be held accountable for their actions and the principle of our Rule of Law that no person is above the law must be adhered to.

Without our commitment to America’s values that have been the cornerstone of this great Nation and the world for over 200 years, our country will falter. We must unite as AMERICANS to ensure that Democracy will continue in our future and is resolute. We can do this but it is up to each of us to make this commitment to our shared values, the Rule of Law and Democracy.

The Importance of the Middle Class

Our economy is strongest and can only truly attain its full potential when the middle class — hard-working men, women and families — are thriving and have a strong sense of security in their present and future personal economic deposition.


I will always support and protect organized labor so that all workers have the right to organize and bargain collectively for better wages, benefits and safe working conditions.

I will fight for our union workers, farmers and ranchers, teachers, coal miners, nurses, steelworkers, postal workers, truck drivers, public safety personnel (police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel), retail and hospitality professionals, and construction workers by providing economic relief and stability to America’s working families through equitable and fair economic and tax policies.

And I will protect our manufacturing jobs and those existing jobs within our energy sector – while also creating new, green 21st century jobs. America can do both.

In fighting for the middle class and those lower income earners striving for economic upward mobility here in Franklin County and across PA-13, I pledge my commitment to protecting and strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Issues Important to Our Communities

Other issues that I support and are important to our communities include:

  • Investing in America’s education system with a focus upon strengthening our public schools and teachers pay
  • Addressing student debt; universal, affordable, quality healthcare for every citizen
  • Access to and lowering the cost of prescription medication
  • Prevention and treatment for mental illness and addiction
  • Providing the resources needed by our veterans, funding for our military personnel and maintaining our strong military posture
  • Supporting legislation for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for immigrants
  • Recognizing that global climate change is real while supporting green policies that protect our environment
  • Creating new jobs for the 21st century
  • Equality, opportunity and fairness for every citizen – protection of women’s rights, civil rights and LGBTQ+ citizens
  • Public safety and criminal justice reform, including the enactment of common sense, reasonable firearms safety regulations to save lives, while always protecting the essence and guarantees of the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens’ right to own and possess a firearm
  • Foreign policy and national security initiatives conducted and implemented in a rational, measured manner from a position of strength and intelligence, not weakness and ignorance
  • Protecting our elections and preserving our democracy through enhanced cybersecurity, auditing and backup paper ballots
  • Term limits for members of Congress

I invite all citizens to read more about my policy stances and the important issues we face as Americans by visiting our campaign website at www.toddrowleyforcongress.com.

Pledge to the People of the 13th District

As a candidate and fellow American, I pledge to serve all constituents, regardless of political affiliation; to always speak truth to power; to place the interests of our country and the American people above any political or personal gain; and to ensure that the values the citizens of Franklin County and across PA-13 expect from their Representative – those of integrity, character, honesty, fairness and respect for the Rule of Law will be my guide.

I will always have courage to never be complicit or silent regarding domestic and foreign policies that are harmful to our country and its citizens and always be a voice against the rhetoric of fear, untruths and hate that tend to dominate the political landscape in our great Nation at this time. The citizens of Franklin County and PA-13 expect and deserve this more than ever.

I humbly ask for your support. Together, as AMERICANS, we will find our way back to an America where democracy, equality for ALL, truth and justice will win out!

Todd Rowley
Jones Mills, PA
2020 Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District

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