Trickling Springs Organic Now Available at Whole Foods

South Mountain Creamery’s certified-organic product line, Trickling Springs Organic, is now available at Whole Foods stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Customers will be able to purchase Trickling Springs Organic milk, heavy cream, and half and half.

“It’s so exciting to see our products on the shelves at Whole Foods,” said Tony Brusco, Co-Owner, CEO, South Mountain Creamery. “Our family’s mission aligns with Whole Foods’ vision to offer customers healthy, wholesome products.”

Pennsylvania partnership

Trickling Springs Organic works in partnership with Pennsylvania organic, family-owned farms to create their fresh milk line. Each farmer is carefully selected based on their commitment to high-quality organic standards, as well as their passion and knowledge for sustainable farming. In addition, all Trickling Springs Organic milk products come from grass-fed cows and are certified non-GMO. The close relationships with partner farmers also allows Trickling Springs to maintain a short and reliable supply chain, even in times of social or economic uncertainty.

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Trickling Springs Organic milk is bottled in reusable glass packaging. When customers have finished their milk, they can return the emptied, cleaned bottles to Whole Foods for a refund of a bottle deposit. Glass bottles are not only sustainable, but preserve the freshness of the milk without additives.

Whole Foods is a nation-wide grocery store that, “seek[s] out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture.” Trickling Springs Organic shares these same values, putting quality, the environment, and their farm animals first.

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About the Company

South Mountain Creamery is Maryland’s first on-the-farm dairy processing plant starting operation in 2001. They own and farm roughly 3,000 acres in Frederick County where they milk around 600 dairy cows including Holstein and Jersey breeds.

The main farm milks the cows 50 feet from the processing plant where the milk is minimally processed and bottled or made into ice cream, yogurt, and butter. Milk can be in glass bottles ready for customers 12 hours after coming from the milking parlor. South Mountain Creamery welcomes the public to see their operation first hand with an open milking parlor and tours around the farm.

This is an exciting time for the local dairy as it comes alongside more new ventures. South Mountain Creamery, though expanding, remains loyal to its mission of providing locally and sustainably sourced food to the community. The second generation, Tony & Abby (Sowers) Brusco and Ben & Kate Sowers, now own and run the operation, although you can often find three generations at work on the farm.

Ben and Kate Sowers were also one of four couples in the country to be named National Outstanding Young Farmers for 2019. South Mountain Creamery provides a home delivery service consisting of an online farmers market that delivers to nearly 10,000 customers in a 35,000 square mile area stretching most of Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

You can also find South Mountain Creamery products in over 800 stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.


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