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Trump’s Indictment Should be a Wakeup Call for the Politically Apathetic


Submission by Dwight Weidman

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the last few days, you already know that Donald J Trump is now the first American ex-President to have been indicted for an alleged crime. As Joe Biden, in his former role as Barack Obama’s Vice President, once said about the passage of ObamaCare, “this is a big (blanking) deal!”. Biden now, however, is one of the few on the left who is keeping pretty quiet about this big deal, almost as if somewhere in the moldy recesses of his mind he knows that perhaps the toothpaste, or in his case, the Polident, is out of the tube and can never be put back in.

If this thought has actually occurred to Joe, he may have stumbled upon a cold truth, maybe for the first time in his mediocre existence. As many talking heads have opined, leftist Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who doesn’t believe in prosecuting violent criminals, has “crossed the Rubicon” with his indictment of former President Trump. Bragg has “gone there,” which means that he has set the precedent for other prosecutors to go there in the future, and as far as potential prosecutions go, there is no more target-rich environment than the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling and crooked financial dealings.

Of course, we don’t know what the charges are at this point, since the indictment is sealed, but based on information the grand jury was given, it’s pretty clear that the whole thing is just a continuation of the Democrat drive to destroy Donald Trump before he can run again next year. Former President Trump has been indomitable through all the attempts to bring him down: the bogus “Russiagate” hoax, two impeachments, and the whole January 6th dog and pony show, and according to his lawyers, is ready to take on this latest threat from the leftist and establishment ankle-biters as well.

Bragg is trying to nail the Donald by resurrecting old charges relating to hush money payments, which are well beyond the statute of limitations and for actions that are not crimes, with “star witnesses” to whom the truth is a totally foreign concept. Now, that’s not saying the case won’t go forward, considering that it will all be held in New York, likely in front of a crooked leftist judge and a totally biased jury, but if there is any speck of decency left in our judicial system, this latest travesty of justice will ultimately fail.
Politically, the indictment is playing very much to Donald Trump’s advantage, with huge jumps in his popularity ratings and his lead over announced and unannounced Republican primary rivals, and it should also serve to bring any fair-minded independent voter over to his side.

The Trump indictment should also be a wakeup call for those American voters who are either too apathetic or too lazy to involve themselves in politics. Let’s face it, if a rogue DA can go after a rich former president, just because he disagrees with him politically, what protection is there for the average citizen against similar injustice? As Ancient Greek Statesman and General, Pericles, said over 2500 years ago, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” No American should feel safe under a regime that wants to regulate every aspect of your existence, from your car to your gas stove and sees parents who speak up at local school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

We’ve all seen how local voters get riled up over something that they feel threatens their lives, property and prosperity, such as the “Stop 676” movement in Greene Township, and how that enthusiasm can be channeled in a positive direction. What Trump and the Republican Party need to do is to use this latest miscarriage of justice to get voters riled up enough to want to go to the polls next year and throw the leftists out of office. It needs to start with local Republican organizations and push up through the state and national party. Voters need to let their elected representatives know that it’s time to, in the words of George Patton, to “lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way”.

Democrats may look back in regret at the Bragg indictment of Trump, for as I said, the toothpaste is out of the tube, and if Trump is re-elected, there won’t be enough jails to house all of the crooks of the left. It brings to mind the phrase “Hoist with his own petard” from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, describing how a bomb maker can be blown up by his own bomb. With all of the bombs the Democrats have been making since 2016, it’s just a matter of time before one blows up in their faces. Alvin Bragg’s pathetic indictment of Trump may have already lit the fuse.

Dwight Weidman is a resident of Greene Township and is a graduate of Shepherd University. He is retired from the United States Department of Defense, where his career included assignments In Europe, Asia and Central America. He has been in leadership roles for the Republican Party in two states, most recently serving two terms as Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party. He has been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1988, getting his first license in Germany, and is a past volunteer with both Navy and Army MARS, Military Auxiliary Radio Service, and is also a certified firearms instructor. In his spare time, he dabbles in genealogy and learning new languages.


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