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United Way of Franklin County seeks to Positively Impact Five School Districts with their Upcoming Stuff the Bus Event

United Way of Franklin County is launching their Stuff the Bus event on July 15 hoping to make a positive impact on local kids, their families, and the schools.

Stuff the Bus

Started in 2013, the Stuff the Bus event has been happening for 11 years. The event begins on July 15 and ends on July 31. Each year this event is held to ultimately help children in need of school supplies. Executive Director of United Way of Franklin County, Amy Hicks, says, “It benefits families by collecting supplies that will then go into the classrooms and helps make sure the kids have what they need.”

For this year’s event, United Way has approximately 102 collection boxes across an array of businesses including financial institutions, Brio Coffeehouse, WellSpan Medical Centers, and the Grove Family Library. Of course, United Way of Franklin County serves also as a collection spot.

In addition to the 102 collection spots this year, Hicks and some of her team members will be attending local Franklin County events this summer for Stuff the Bus. As of this weekend, Saturday, July 13, Hicks and her team will be at the Fannettsburg Fest from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Other events include the Waynesboro YMCA Concert Event on Wednesday, July 17, the Path Valley Parade on Thursday, August 8, and the Mercersburg Fair Bingo Night on Thursday, August 15.

Specifically, five school districts are participating in this special event which include Greencastle-Antrim, Chambersburg, Tuscarora School District, Waynesboro School District, and Fannett Middle School District. Each one of these districts will receive school supplies from the Stuff the Bus event after July 31.

During and after the event, United Way of Franklin County is looking for volunteers to help serve in sorting, organizing, and tabulating supplies. Hicks reveals, “We tabulate and calculate everything that is going in, and then of course package it for the schools.”

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer for the Stuff the Bus event, please contact the main office at 717-262-0015 or head to the Volunteer Hub website page for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

United Way of Franklin County has numerous other opportunities to serve and volunteer for community members. Hicks shares, “There are all kinds of different ways to get involved.”

Other opportunities include serving at the Winter Food Drive in the months of January and February, the Summer Reading Program, or for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) that United Way offers. Hicks expresses, “We can always use volunteers to help with the preparation process, and we provide training for the VITA program as well.”

Truly, volunteering with United Way of Franklin County or any other local organization gives an individual the opportunity to connect and grow within their community of friends and neighbors. It also gives them the opportunity to make a positive impact. Hicks emphasizes, “One of the best ways to get to know a nonprofit and get to know us is through volunteerism.”

Again, if you or someone you know would be interested in serving in the community with United Way of Franklin County or another organization, visit the Volunteer Hub website page to learn more.

Ways to Give

United Way of Franklin County not only supports children and their families, but they also help other nonprofit organizations as well around the county. The year-round Community Impact Fund helps United Way support local organizations, nonprofits, and families. “We are supporting over two dozen different nonprofit projects year-round,” Hicks continues, “Giving to this fund helps us do that.”

Through their Community Impact Fund, United Way of Franklin County is able to help other nonprofits survive and make a positive impact on families in need. “Through volunteerism and through the connections in the community, we end up working with a lot of nonprofits in the community,” Hicks shares.

Some of United Way’s program partners include WIN Victim Services, Little Daisy’s Closet, Boys and Girls Club of Chambersburg/Shippensburg, Children’s Aid Society, and the ARC of Franklin Fulton Counties. A list of additional organizations can be found on the Program Partners website page. “It is really important in our community because those programs we are funding are impacting over 26,000 lives and making a big difference in helping families,” Hicks reveals.

Ultimately, United Way’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Franklin County citizens, and through helping other local organizations, they also help local families across the county. The Stuff the Bus event is just one example of aiming to improve the lives of local children, their families, and the school districts within the Franklin County area. “A lot of our work is connecting people to projects, connecting groups together, and helping strengthen the network of nonprofits that are available,” Hicks emphasizes.

For any questions or assistance about United Way of Franklin County, services provided, volunteer opportunities, or ways to give, call the main telephone number at 717-262-0015. United Way of Franklin County is here to help serve, connect, and direct each and every individual to the right source or organization needed.


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