FCFreePress.com Usage Report for April 2019


Our monthly usage report for April 2019 is designed for both users and advertisers. We publish these reports in the spirit of transparency.

We gained 788 new subscribers in April. As of April 30th, we have 1444 active subscribers to our newspaper. We have 4 platforms subscribers can receive our news stories on. Subscriptions are always free. Our goal for May is to add another 1000 subscribers.

We wrote 119 News Articles, 26 Local Events, and 4 Recipes this month for a total of 149 total stories in April. That is an average of 5 new postings a day. Our goal for May is 7 stories per day.

We outperformed all of our goals for April. Our traffic went from 4,186 users in March to over 25,321 users in April. That is a 605% growth rate for the second month in a row.

Our User Demographics

We combined Google, Facebook, WordPress and US Census statistical data to write our monthly usage report for April 2019.


Usage report april 2019 our subscriber demographics

Our subscriber demographics remain pretty consistent with women from 45 to 55 dominating our subscriber list.

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Usage report april 2019 for our public reach demographics

We measure reach by how many people were shown a Headline, Featured Image and Teaser Paragraph on their viewing device. Our reach remains consistent also with previous months.

April 2019 Traffic Report

Our usage report for April 2019 shows a total reach between all of our platforms was over 60,000 people in the month of April. We had a total of 16,074 people read 4,950 stories in March.

Readership by Geographical Location

Top 3 States in AprilNumber of Readers
Pennsylvania8,821 Readers (61.68%)
District of Columbia2,474 Readers (17.30%)
New Jersey744 Readers (5.20%)
Top 5 Cities in AprilNumber of Readers
Chambersburg3,083 Readers (32.92%)
Shippensburg 1,011 Readers (10.80%)
Waynesboro878 Readers (9.38%)
Mercersburg797 Readers (8.51%)
Greencastle579 Readers (6.18%)

Search Engines

Organic search engine placement is the most difficult and slowest process. We continue to climb the search engines with our average page position of 6.5. We are now included in the Google News Feed and receive traffic from it.

  • We received 682 users from all search engines. March we had 124 for a 550% increase in search engine users.
  • We received 213 users from the WordPress Android App. In March we had 38. That represents a 560% increase in App users.
  • We received 19,976 visits as a result on our Social Media outreach. March we had 3406 up for a 586% increase in Social Media users.
  • The remainder came from a variety of other platforms for an overall average of 605% increase in website users.

Although it is a slow process, search engine users are the most valuable readers. They stay longer, read more stories, subscribe more than any other traffic generating platforms, and have the lowest bounce rate of all.

Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform to deliver digital media. It gives us a paragraph of text to write an appealing teaser, a large image, and a headline to attract readers. For the most part, it is free to use. We have put in $15 for a subscriber campaign on Facebook that netted 300 new subscribers at the low cost of .10 cents per subscriber.

We received 19,976 users from Social Media. In March we had 3406 users resulting in a 586% increase in Social Media users.

Funding Programs

We are actually starting to earn money now. Not bad for 3½ months online if I do say so myself. All of our programs are working and producing revenue.

Donation Program

In April we received two donations for a total of $75.00. Not much but it is a start.

Advertising Sales

We did not charge for ad space in April. During May we are charging $25.00 per week per ad and have already picked up 9 advertisers for May and a few requests for ad specs and price list. I should disclose that 3 of the ads are free. We do provide free ad space to nonprofit organizations on a space available basis. We will monitor the results in May and reevaluate our price point in June.

Website Design

Our website design program produced 1 website in April. It is a time-consuming process but we will continue to press forward with this program. Our total revenue for this was $750.00.

Lessons Learned in April 2019

We ran a last minute Easter Egg Hunt Contest on our website during April and we had trouble with the program losing the “Easter Egg” from the collection basket. We had to abandon the hunt and open the contest to everyone regardless of how many eggs they collected.

The game was very popular and we hope to have all the issues worked out with the software to run the contest again next year.

For May we will run an essay contest.

Send us your best letter to the editor this month and you could win one of three really nifty prizes:

1st Place winner will receive a custom designed t-shirt
1st Place – T-Shirt
2nd Place winner will receive a custom designed tot bag
2nd Place – Tot Bag
3rd Place winner will receive a custom designed notebook
3rd Place – Notebook

Each logo will have the author’s name and city in the return address position. The “stamp” on the letter will be a QR code that, when scanned with a cell phone, will open up the winning essay.


  1. Pick out a subject or issue that you feel passionate about. It must be a local issue or a subject that impacts Franklin County, PA.
  2. Write a letter to the editor about it.
  3. Your letter must be at least 300 words, no longer than 1,000.

All letters meeting that criteria will be published on Franklin County Free Press in the Letters to the Editor section. At the end of the month, our three-member editorial board will pick out three letters we consider to be the best of the best.


  1. Timeliness of the subject matter and its relevance to the community as a whole.
  2. Organization of points relative to your subject matter.
  3. The popularity of the essay based on page views (how many people read the story).

Poorly written essays will be marked up (spelling and grammatical errors highlighted) by our editor and returned to you for rewriting and resubmission.

Each essay that is accepted will be published exactly as written.

May 2019 Essay Contest
Tell Franklin County What You Think

The Next Step

We have a new FAX Number +17178503899 to receive police reports from all Franklin County Law Enforcement Agencies.

We are on all of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce email lists.

We will continue to build our information source list. Our objective it to receive news releases from all the School Districts, Hospitals, Government Agencies, funeral homes, and Business Organizations.

As we improve our method of collecting and producing news we are producing a higher quality of news story. Thanks to our contributors we can spend more time working on the investigative stories. The high-quality investigative stories take the most time to write but yield the greatest number of readers.

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