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Veteran Help Point Works to Help and Honor Military Veterans

Veteran Help Point, a nonprofit organization tailored toward helping veterans, is kicking off their revamped event, Operation Honor, on June 14 and 15.

Created and ran by Michelle Lang, Veteran Help Point was founded in 2021. Chris Lang, her husband, is on the board of directors helping her reach veterans in need. Chris also serves in the military.

In 2019, when Chris quickly decided to get out of the military, his wife, Michelle, had noticed that his mental health was beginning to deteriorate. They had relocated to Pennsylvania, after being in Georgia for so long. The Department of Veterans Affairs denied Chris help, since he was in the reserve component of the military. The department didn’t suggest any organizations, other programs, or additional services that could possibly help. Michelle and Chris were left to find services and help on their own.

After some time, Chris decided to go back into the military because he was missing the sense of service. In the meantime, Michelle had talked with other friends about their struggles with finding help for veterans, and she found that others were experiencing related issues as well. She had come to realize that she wasn’t alone in her adversities as a military wife.

Veterans were being denied mental health services, and there wasn’t many nonprofits for veterans that shared potential resources and organizations that would help. Michelle Lang comments on the issue, “It is a wide-spread problem, and people don’t know how to receive help.”

Truly, Veteran Help Point was created for the very purpose of helping rural veterans to find and receive help. “We are helping people, and I hope we can help a lot more people,” Michelle shares.

Services Provided

Veteran Help Point aims to help veterans across the country who are searching for mental health services, other resources, and support. Veteran Help Point also helps people one-on-one. Michelle has helped veterans across the country by providing resources and programs that lead them in the right direction.

The nonprofit organization has a resource map that helps connect those in need to healthcare and medical services, employment and career assistance, benefits, community connections, housing, and homelessness support. “My main job is to connect,” Michelle continues, “I’m going to either connect you to a subject-matter expert, a resource that is going to get it done, or I am going to connect you to someone whom you need to talk with in order to alleviate that burden.”

Veteran Help Point, being just one nonprofit organization out of over 44,000 nonprofits geared towards helping veterans, continues to advocate for those who have spent time in the military and protected the United States. Michelle reflects, “We are really just trying to create a hub for resources and information that is easily accessible for this population.”

Operation Honor

Operation Honor, previously known as VetFest, starts on Friday, June 14. This two-day event will end on Saturday, June 15.

Last year, the event was held at the Great Cove Golf Club in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Now, in 2024, the two-day event will be held at the Fulton County Courthouse Lawn in McConnellsburg.

With this two-day event, there will be music, speakers, and a golf tournament. Rock and country musicians such as the JB Brown Band and Tristan Tritt will be playing. Speakers for special date nights include Navy veteran Jenna Carlton, Steven Nisbet, who is cofounder of Shields and Strips, and former Army Ranger Marty Skovlund Junior. The speaker panel event will be held at the Fulton Theater on Friday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m.

“I think what we really have to do is teach our communities how to better support this population,” Michelle shares. Through Operation Honor, Michelle hopes to inspire others, create community, and create long-lasting connections.

“To me, honoring is really about service and not just hanging a banner on main street,” Michelle adds, “Hanging a banner on main street is great and wonderful, but how do you really honor someone you love or care about? It is by just showing up and saying that I’m here and willing to listen to you.”

Through kind actions, care, and love, Veteran Help Point hopes to make a difference with their upcoming Operation Honor event. Michelle shares, “There is really something for everybody. It is not just for Veterans. It is for the whole community to come out, celebrate, and for our Veterans to be celebrated as well.”

To learn more about Veteran Help Point’s upcoming event, Operation Honor, visit the Operation Honor main website page. If you or someone you know is a veteran and in need of services, information, or help, please visit the Veteran Help Point resource map page. You can also follow Veteran Help Point on Facebook and Instagram.


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