Vickie Lynn Weiss obituary 1978~2023


Vickie Lynn Weiss – better known as Ivy to everyone who knew and loved her — died Thursday, May 18, 2023 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She was 45.

Vickie Lynn Weiss
Vickie Lynn Weiss

Ivy lived her life in a relentless pursuit of joy and purpose, both of which she found most deeply in her relationship with her son, Jude Robinson. There was nothing more important to Ivy than Jude, the “Little Man” who came into the world to the sound of nurses singing the Beatles song that inspired the name his mother gave him. And she loved to brag on Jude to her friends and all who would listen.

Ivy made baby food from scratch – every day, for months — because her son deserved the best. She kept detailed records of everything Jude ate and drank – just in case. Ivy sang to Jude every night before bed and made sure each of his stuffed animals had a uniquely goofy name.

Born in Lakewood, Ohio on May 7, 1978, Ivy was the daughter of the late Vickie May and Franklin Weiss, an Air Force veteran adored by his daughter, who raised her as a single parent until his death when she was 9.

As a teenager and young woman, Ivy discovered a love of adventure that never faded. She loved to talk about the time she joined a group of other young people (and a dog) to traverse the country in a van, earning her passage making jewelry and selling her photographs. At the age of 20, Ivy also drove from Lakewood, Ohio, moved to Beauford, North Carolina, found a job, secured an apartment and enrolled in Photography school – all in the same day.

She was a lifelong student who earned two degrees and nearly completed a third. Ivy read textbooks with the type of enthusiasm most people reserve for novels. She was an interesting conversationalist and a good listener.

With her ex-husband James Robinson, she shared a loving partnership for more than a decade and the satisfaction of knowing that she really was right most of the time.

As a professional, Ivy applied her passion and drive to careers in both graphic design and human services. She was a talented visual artist and photographer who worked for sign shops and magazines, and her graphic creations found their way onto everything from museum T-shirts to movie theater logos and financial report covers.

Ivy’s caregiving nature fueled her second career in human services. She supported individuals with disabilities and helped people find stable employment. In just the past few weeks, Ivy helped three clients start their own journeys toward new careers.

Ivy loved to create and was almost always invested in a project, or maybe a dozen at once. When she got an idea, Ivy would build a “nest” and surround it with all the things she needed to complete the project – such as the time she convinced her husband to pull apart old computers so she could make jewelry out of the components inside. She often gifted her creations to the people she loved.

She loved to cook – not so much for the love of food but for the opportunity to create something a little different. (For the record, she also loved food.) No matter where she lived, Ivy would find a patch of dirt to plant a garden and coax something green from the earth. She loved music and had a beautiful singing voice.

Ivy was funny and goofy and playful. She loved to be around people and was always the last person at a party with energy to burn. Just as much, she loved curling up in bed with a book, comfy clothes and a cat.

Among her favorite books was “The Alchemist,” which includes this passage: “One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

The family invites friends to celebrate Ivy’s life on Friday, May 26 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at The Manor On Front, 2917 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA.

Arrangements are entrusted to Monahan Funeral Home.



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