Franklin County : Volunteer at the Old Jail Haunted House This Fall


The Franklin County Historical Society is seeking groups to volunteer for our annual Halloween at the Haunted Jail fundraiser. Groups will be given an area of The Old Jail to decorate and haunt.

Haunted Old Jail

Halloween at the Haunted Jail hosted the haunted walk-through of the jail and was an annual expectation in the late 1980s and early 90s. People would wait in lines that wrapped around the block to get in. This was a very popular event, especially for the kids. The Franklin County Historical Society was not involved at that time. Local civic organizations were in charge of the event. The Historical Society just allowed for the event to take place on the premises. The problem at that time was no supervision of people decorating at the jail which caused some issues. So it was decided in the late 90s to stop the event.

2018– Then around 2018, Neil Rensch the President of the Franklin County Historical Society, got permission from the Board of Directors to bring the Haunted Jail back. In 2018 the President of the Society was in charge of the event. We made sure at that time to make sure participants did not deface any of the property with the themes that were provided. The opening of the 2018 Haunted Jail was a complete success. It was the biggest fundraiser for the Society. The public had nothing but good press on the event. This gave the younger generation an event they could go to on weekends with friends and enjoy being scared. Believe me, they were scared as they walked through the jail and dungeon areas.

2020 & COVID– We continued with the event in 2019 but in 2020 during COVID times we decided not to have the event. Yes, many people were disappointed but it was best for the public. Then in 2021, we decided to return to the event. This time the event was bigger and we incorporated more parts of the Old Jail. Again the event was a big hit. We had over 74 participants trying to scare the visitors. We had over 15 different themes set up with actors who portrayed many different scary creatures.

October 2022

So now we come to 2022, and the event will be held again. We have up to 80 participants but need more to make this the best ever. The event will cover two weekends, October 21st and 22nd and October 28th and 29th.

This year we have a total of 18 different themes we want to portray. We have makeup artist from Merle Norman on hand to help with makeup. We are in need of businesses to donate funds for the event. We are in need of people and organizations to contact us to set up a group theme someplace in the Old Jail.

The theme this year will be “The Night of The Living Dead”. If anybody is interested in helping to set up props, become an actor in the event, or set up their own group theme, We believe this year will be even bigger than any of the others.

Prices for Upcoming Year

Due to prices going up all over the place we have to raise the price of admission a little. Adults will be $12.00 and kids 12 and under will be $7.00. The primary purpose of the Old Jail is to provide a home to support the Old Jail Museum, provide tours, provide genealogy services, etc.

Contact: Neil Rensch at