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To the Editor:

On May 21st, Franklin County voters will select the next Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Franklin County. Under Judge Van Horn the court system made tremendous strides. Caseloads have increased while decreasing time from charges to trial. She has been an advocate for our Drug Treatment Court. Judge Van Horn has shown that the use of our time and compassion is much better than the use of our tax dollars increasing the prison rolls.

I believe our next Judge must pick up where Judge Van Horn left off. They must hit the ground running. They must be well rounded and be able to take on any case given to them. Most importantly, we need a criminal judge. This void can only be filled by one person, Ian Brink.

Ian has a proven record and respect of our judicial system that has led him to be rated “highly qualified” by the Franklin County Bar Association. He is an unwavering supporter of the Franklin County Overdose Taskforce and their efforts to stop the cycle of addiction. Brink has litigated over 3,000 cases during his time as a public defender and district attorney. The civil disputes that weigh down our court system will be handled quickly and fairly by Ian Brink with his years of experience in civil law. No matter the task Ian has excelled from Chief Public Defender prior to the Chief Deputy District Attorney. Ian Brink is the only candidate that can fill the void left by Judge Carol Van Horn. 

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said, “Do the best you can in every task, no matter how unimportant it may seem at the time. No one learns more about a problem than the person at the bottom.” We need a person that has started at the bottom. We need a person that knows the frustration of long civil disputes. A judge that knows the challenges that face the plaintiffs and accused. The taxpayers need someone that will excel at every task and every case. We need a judge that believes in the letter of the law but can render a decision in the spirit of the law while having the compassion to not just create another statistic. 

Ian Brink will be that kind of Judge! On May 21st, vote Ian Brink for Judge.

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Jeff Conner
Franklin County Coroner
St. Thomas Township

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