Voters want fair districts

letters to the editor

Voters want fair voting districts!

For too long we have experienced the consequences of partisan gridlock which we can trace to our incumbent legislators drawing their districts to ensure their seat is always secure. They do not have to compromise or think they need to hear the other side of an issue.

Over time, through the seniority system, they rise to chairmanships of committees and then have the power to block legislation even if the most on the committee wants to put a vote on the floor.

We do not have a functional state government. Gerrymandering reform would be a big step forward to end this dysfunction.

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Fair Districts PA has bipartisan bills in the House and Senate to end gerrymandering. In this session of the General Assembly many representatives have co-sponsored HB 22 and HB 23 and many senators co-sponsoring SB 1022 & 1023. These bills are sitting in committee and have not moved to the floor for a vote.

We voters want an independent citizens commission to draw the district maps for our House, Senate and Congressional districts.

Only one legislator to co-sponsor HB 22 & HB 23 is Rep. Rob Kauffman, District 89, in Chambersburg area. None of our other General Assembly representatives have co-sponsored or shown interest in the legislation.

This includes Sen. Doug Mastriano, SD 33 (717-264-6100), Sen. Judy Ward, SD 30 (814-509-3423), Hon. Paul Schemel, HD 90 (717-263-1053), Hon. Johnathan D. Hershey, HD 82 (717-261-4784), Hon. Jesse Topper, HD 78 (717-485-4430).

How sad is this? Legislators should be representing the voters, not their own interests. Let us call our representatives and let them know we want gerrymandering reform now and do not want to wait for ten more years to have fair representation in our government.

John Bryner, Franklin County Coordinator Fair Districts PA